HENRI CHAPRON’s history 

Henri Chapron was an artist, a man of honor, a perfectionist who only lived for the constant improvement of his work, which he started in 1919 on Ford Ts left on the French soil by the American Army at the end of the First World War. He was lucky to be married to two grand, noble and supporting women who have both helped him fulfill his dream. His business survived the economic depression, the Second World War, and the difficult economic conditions the French firms had to face after the war. Proud artist, Henri stood up for what he believed in. The automation of the automobile industry, the tighter technical requirements, the tighter competition he had to face. The lack of cooperation from the Big 3 French automobile firms did not help much his business the second part of the XX th century. His second wife, Françoise, gave up her career to come and help Henri with his business in 1968. Despite the economic crises, the economic conditions making it very hard for small businesses to survive, especially in a sector of the economy so labor intensive, she was able to find the necessary fundings, new prospects, to keep the business alive, for almost 20 years. 
Now, his widow is dedicating the rest of her life to keep Henri’s name alive and respected. We are open to suggestions from the people who would like to contribute as well to Henri Chapron’s legacy.
In order to do so, we are licensing the name, authorizing only the best to build a car carrying Henri Chapron’s name. In order to follow the tradition, we decided to give a number to each work done. 

Vincent Crescia realized, for us, in 2008, under license, a “SM Presidential style Series II“ , the third one ever built, under the Chapron work number #7659. 
Nowadays, Crescia, in Switzerland, specializes in restoring Citroëns and Lancias.

Citroen Andre and Partners, in the Netherlands, specialists, since 1976 in the world-wide import-export and the restoration of classic and semi-classic Citroën automobiles, after they finish restoring the 4th Mylord built by Henri Chapron rue Aristide Briand,  built the sixth SM Mylord by Chapron for a German client.  They did benefit of all the help we were able to provide (drawings, parts, molds, logos), and even technical help from an expert, whenever they wished. Their ultimate goal is to build 5 SM Mylord, under licence, with our entire support and cooperation. 

It is, by chance, that I found the workers who, for most, worked from the age of 14 for Henri Chapron. They are willing to put their expertise at our projects disposal to honor Henri Chapron’s memory.

if you are interested in having your car restored or having an Henri Chapron’s model built under licence agreement, please contact us. 

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