This site, maintained by Henri Chapron’s family, intends to honor the memory of a great coachbuilder who knew always how to adapt his style to the taste of the moment.

We are indeed disappointed, worried and very saddened about distorted facts stated by people who took advantage of his widow pretending to be friends just to use or even sell information or documents against the family’s will.

His family is in possession of archives, records of the coachbuilder's work. To this day, contrary to what some people might pretend, nobody was authorized to have full access to the archives.

In his long-lived career, Henri Chapron maintained detailed transcripts of the transformations he made on the various models he worked on: chassis numbers, projects, small scale and big scale drawings. It is Henri Chapron’s family’s right to exploit his intellectual property for 70 years after his death in 1978. It is Henri Chapron’s wish to see his long-lived work go on. His family intends to do so and make sure it goes on according to his standards. They are authorizing reproductions of his works and even promoting the realization of new models, under license, giving each new work a specific number that will be registered in the archives Big Black Book.

Too many books have been published containing falsified or completely made-up statements or mutilated photographs. Indeed these books have many fake interviews told by untrustworthy people, facts confusing the relationships Henri Chapron had with his two daughters -born thirty years apart-. They also contain facts supposedly told by dead individuals. Some people publish or sell documents AGAINST the authorization or the will of Henri Chapron family, going to the extreme of using their name to promote their products.

To this day, it seems there are more and more scams at large: fake documents, car parts, unauthorized copies of his models are being sold. This makes the coachbuilder's family and his close friends feel terribly upset as it does distort Henri Chapron’s image and reputation. They know, indeed, how proud of a man Henri was, how much he despised lying, bragging and hypocrisy and how upset he would be to see some people use his family members name and trust to the only purpose of making profit of a work he cherished so much. These people, in doing so, are discrediting his work, vulgarizing it. This is clearly an attempt at ruining his dignity and respect. Being a perfectionist, Henri loved things to be well done and wouldn’t bear to see his works be vulgarized and treated with such little respect.

If you are interested in documents concerning Henri Chapron or one of his coach-built cars, you can contact us by sending an e-mail at or by calling the following numbers:

For France: (33)-1-40-53-91-90

For the U.S.A.: (1)-805-426-9609

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